Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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enjoy life with a nice song.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I like Music?

I like music. But why?
Yea, that is the one thousand prize questions everybody.

Actually, when we are free or very busy, that time we listen music.
Because, when we free or very busy we feel boaring. So enjoy our free times or work time we liste music.

When you listen a music than you feel better than other times.

So this is my answer... to deny boaring times I like music and also I love music.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here is my best Singer Name...

Music is my very favorite subject. When I get some free time or when I feel boaring I listen music. Various type of music I like. May be it is our country music, may be not. But I like most Lalon songs. Lalon is a great man.
Otherwise I like country music. I also like english music, like of Madona, Michal Jackson, Shakira, Street boys, Brietney Spears etc. But I like most Shakira and Madona. Shakira is my best favorite english singer. His Whenever Wherever is my best favorite english music.

When I feel boaring I listen that song. I also like Shakira's another songs.

Anyway, today I tell you my favorite singer name.

1. Moushumi Bhoumik

2. Lupamudra Mitro

3. Shakira

4. Madona

5. Brietney Spears

6. Vengaboys

7. Streetboys etc.

okay dear friends, today is goodbye. Another day I will tell you my favorite singer details & my favorite songs deatils.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When you start Music?

Yea, this the question of everybody who likes music, who like to start music. Actually it is not a matter, but may be have a good time or occation to start Music.
I say something about the topic after saying my own opinion.
I think music is a nice subject. If anybody like to start music I thanks him or her. Because, it is large content. Everybody like music. When you think you feel boring you can try to listen music or a song. Songs one king of music.
Then I question you, what is the music?
Music is like to heaven, peace or other of like them. Why? Because when you listen a music or song, you feel nice, good or like them. So we can say, Music is a good for everybody.

Anyway, I am saying, when you start music? It is depend on your opinion. I think when you feel, you like to start music than you can start.
At first, your need a good teacher who gives you nice guide line. After than you need some instrument on music.
So don't hesitate. Start music at this moment. And feel better.

Wish you good luck in your new life.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

About Bangladeshi Music

Now a days, Every Bangalee or Bangladeshi try to listen Eastern music. But Bangladeshi's has a known collection of music. Very very famous singer was in Bangladesh like Lalon Shah, Hason Raja, Shah Abdul Karim etc.
Every Bangladeshi like there songs.
The Lalon Songs like_ "Soby bole lalon Fakir Hindu ki Jobon" means_ Every persons said, Lalon Fakir Hindu or Muslims?
I like Bangladeshi Music.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Extra Ordinary Favorite Song link

Hello Reader !
Here I tell a Favorite song for you which I like most. I think its extra ordinary song. If you think you can listen. And if you think you also like it please inform me by a mail or comment. My extra ordinary song is Shakira's Whenever.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is E-Music?

What is E-music : E-music is not a another subject. When you listen or enjoy a music or song on Online than we say it is e-music. Now a days electronic music is most valuable and famous in the world for every online subscriber. So We say that, e-music is not a normal thing. As a result, e-music means Music. So when we get any music information we serve you. So dont hesitate, listen and enjoy.
And if any information get please e-mail us to ishrat.timi@gmail.com. We add this link for all online listeners.
Thanks to all. Be happy all day, all times.